From Punta Ala  to  Newcastle - Co. Down - Northern Ireland

2800 kilometres with our camper -  18/25 October  2005

by Domenico and Joanne Ernandes


Casa- Punta Ala Alsace (France) Picardy (France) Calais (France) Dunkirk (France) Calais-Dover passage
Rye-Sussex-UK A falcon in Rye Ferns Castle in Wexford Arrival in Newcastle  Aunty Peggy  Mrs. Sarah Lindsay
With the Bairds

Halloween -  2005

Halloween - Fireworks

Halloween - Fireworks

Newcastle from the hills

walking with the dogs
Donard Park forest Trees in Donard Park Colors in the forest Glenn river - 1 Amanita muscaria Cantarella and Boletus
Starting the job The team Team in action The  old chimney wall Team in action - 2 Mrs. Lindsay grunting
Paul in action J.P. in action under construction-1 under construction-2 under construction-3 under construction-4
Joanne tired Sirio, Sherry and Whiskey Dogs playing Newcastle's library With the Mortons Newcastle
Seaview from home Newcastle from home Glen river - 2 A short rest Joanne in the forest Domenico in the forest